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Size: 30 H x 50 W x 0.5 in

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Art Description

Photography: Digital, Black & White and Manipulated on Paper.

The street provides me with everything I need to create my drawings and paintings.A medley of images emerge and become a database that is stored in my subconscious. I roam the cityscape picking up speed and energy from the crowds of people rushing around me. Visual stimulation is unique to every neighborhood. I use this to create variety in my work. With my camera and sketchbooks I turn my impassive surroundings into fluid abstractions.

I have an intimate relationship with my environment. I see it, I touch it, and I use it. Building facades, discarded furniture, plastic containers evolve into a flowing arena of delicate pen lines and rich moving colors. These raw impressions, anonymous textures and organic shapes add lush tones, patterns and rhythms that resonate from the urban landscape. This process of reinventing and rediscovery is the core of my work.

There is no truth, order or accountability, just my personal journey and a metronome that imposes it’s rhythm into my work. This force runs together, expanding and compressing like breathing in the moment.

Keywords: Photos, Romantic, Street, Urban, Camera, City, Collage

Subjects: Cities

Styles: photo, Conceptual, Abstract, Fine Art

Mediums: Digital, Black & White, Manipulated

Materials: Paper

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