As the Crow Flies - Limited Edition 3 of 12 Art Print by Warren Criswell

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The ground block and the key block for "As the Crow Flies."
"As the Crow Flies," 2014, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches

Art Description

Printmaking: Linocuts, Pastel on Paper.

3-color linocut with pastel, image 10 x 7 inches, sheet 12 x 10 inches

I did a watercolor and an oil of this image in 2014 and made a failed attempt at a linocut. I got the oil back from the gallery later to make the sun more blinding. I wanted you to see spots after looking at this image, which is what the homeless dude down on the road must be seeing. So I tried the same thing on this second try at a linocut, using three colors (red, burnt umber and white) plus an overprint of translucent yellowish white and some pastel when it dried.

The Criswell Linocut
I began these experiments with linoleum back in 1999. Although these prints may resemble etchings, drypoints, lithographs or some strange hybrid, they are true relief prints, printed in two or more colors from linoleum blocks. I didn't invent this technique - Picasso and his printer Arnera did - but I've adapted it to my own purposes and, since nobody else in the world is doing it as far as I know, I'm calling it "The Criswell Linocut." The two most important things about this technique are that (1) I cut the designs mostly with a drypoint needle and (2) that I print the dark color first and the light color second. This enables me to draw my image directly on the key block, just as I would draw with a pen on paper, rather than cut away everything BUT the image as in traditional relief printmaking. For more info about this, checkout



As the Crow Flies - Limited Edition 3 of 12

Warren Criswell

United States


Size: 10 W x 12 H x 0.1 in

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