A Herd of Deer Sculpture by Simon Hempsell

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A Herd of Deer

Simon Hempsell

United Kingdom


Size: 43.3 W x 94.5 H x 0.4 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, 3D Sculpting on Steel.

A Herd of Deer - an installation consisting of 1 Stag, 1 Hind and 3 Fawns.

My designs for ‘A Herd of Deer’ were inspired from watching Deer on a summers evening at the end of our garden. When I first had ideas for a family of Deer sculptures I always thought they would look good as group or herd and installed a herd of the sculptures in my own garden as soon as they were finished.

The three curvaceous, contemporary designs are one of my first designs and a product of my less is more approach and love of flowing Curves. Hours were spent refining the drawings trying to get the curves flowing as I wanted. The designs are laser cut from sheet steel a process chosen because of its ability to faithfully replicate the lines of my drawing. The steel is then allowed to rust naturally, forming a patina that continually evolves with time, with its rich warm hues glowing in the winter sun.

Being able to view the sculptures from the house has been great, brightening up the garden through the winter months.

INSTALLATION - The sculptures can be carried by one to two people. The legs of the sculptures have been extended and enlarged to allow for easy installation and can be placed straight into compacted earth or concreted in. Placing straight into the ground does mean that sculptures can be easily moved to different positions whereas the concrete option is more secure.

Wet ground, I’ve found it helps to make a make a slots in the ground with a garden spade, place the sculpture into the slots and push down using a slight rocking motion and it will gradually work its way down to the required depth.

If the ground is hard it can be a good idea to soften the ground before installation by soaking with water. Once the ground is soft, make slots with a spade and then pour water into the slots, allow to soak for about ten minutes and then enlarge the slots with a spade. Place the sculpture in the slots and push down with a slight rocking motion and it will gradually work its way down to the required depth. If its still a struggle try taking the sculpture out, pour a little more water into the slots, allow to soak clear out the slot with the spade and try again.

These are the methods I use but may need a little perseverance depending on soil conditions. Finally firm up the soil round the base of your sculpture with the heel of your boot, sit back and enjoy.





Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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