Abstract Wood Sculpture - Permeable Existence No.2 - 2019 - Yellow Cedar Sculpture by Mike Sasaki

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Abstract Wood Sculpture - Permeable Existence No.2 - 2019 - Yellow Cedar

Mike Sasaki



Size: 5.3 W x 5.3 H x 3.8 D in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood on Wood.

As I explore these forms on paper I follow a distant glow at the heart of passion. As I mark out the shapes, do they evolve on a line or are the factors too plentiful to plot? It must be the latter, for any undue restraint imposed on the process by the body and mind leads less to inspired expression and more towards contriction and redundancy. The spirit of freshness and the life energy of light and purity are the factors of creativity and these entities are precious.

Permeable Existence No.2, once output on paper was destined for 3 dimensionality. The yellow cedar sculpture bares its natural surface—the lightness of which was desirable (it is more on the white side than yellow). This also places the viewer in closer contact with the tree further enhancing the natural simplicity of the form. The title alludes to the non-physical realm of being and suggests accessibility.

By giving deep attention to the inseparable interplay between form and emptiness, which is an example of many such dualities, I unravel corresponding assumptions and am brought in touch with the significance this has on our general sense of reality. Also, by penetrating into this dichotomy, I seek to find harmonious yet intriguing creations.





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