Birth&Death Sculpture by Dmytro Shavala

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood, Woodcut on Wood, Other.

About this series of works:
I’ve worked restlessly for two years while contemplating on the fate human life and on the miracle of birth. And finally I’m proud to present you my series of works “Birth and Death”.
You are getting closer to the truth. It’s already hard to count the number of books that’ve been read. Nevertheless you are still stubbornly looking for the answer to these eternal questions "Who am I?", "What will happen to me after my death?", "Why am I here?", Is there nothing waiting for me there only darkness? ". These thoughts visit you, don’t they? They visit me and probably every person capable of complex thought.
“Birth and Death” are totem-preachers, that help morph your space into a place for philosophical discoveries.
When I was preparing materials for this series I knew with certainty that it had to be oak. Wood, as its commonly known, is a live material, warm to the touch. Oak wood is a very unique type of wood. Here are a few interesting facts. From ancient times the oak tree was a symbol of power, morality, endurance and knowledge. Also this tree use to be perceived as a conductor of cosmic energy, a gate between two worlds, capable of empowering and enlightening you. In ancient Greece, the rustling leaves of this tree determined the future.
This whole series is made in a unique handcrafting technique using the luxurious oak material.





Dmytro Shavala



Size: 9.8 W x 9.4 H x 3.7 in

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