Broken Chalice II Sculpture by Manjula Muir

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Broken Chalice II

Manjula Muir

United Kingdom


Size: 6.3 W x 2 H x 6.3 D in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Clay, Ceramic on Ceramic, Other.

These highly decorated and elegant pieces are a part of a small series which depicts artefacts which would have been possibly used as functional items in temples and Palaces of the ancient world and now uncovered by archaeology as remains immortalising beauty in its new setting.
They form part of the Transience collection which reveals my interest in ancient objects from archaeological finds. They are loosely based on articles of Babylonian and Asiatic origin which I have observed and studied from many museums around the world. The objects are both contemporary and ancient. They combine different cultures seemingly holding within them precious oils and ointments. The rounder form are witness of the pleasure and serenity felt during their creation. The partial and crackled form demonstrate an ephemeral beauty,fragility and evanescent nature of life.

Broken Chalice II
This entirely hand-made original piece of art work was produced from a finely rolled out piece of stone ware clay which was decorated with the textured pattern and torn to shape forming the body of the piece whilst it was slowly drying in my studio. After the initial firing it was washed with cobalt oxide to give the characteristic blue appearance and rubbed down to expose the white patterned surface of the clay.

Finally the neck was decorated with gold acrylic paint to give a finishing touch It has been fired twice each time to a 1000c.
I have built in 2 hooks to the rear of the piece with cord to hang the piece on the wall.
This unusual piece of wall art with it's unique appearance would transform any space into an elegant fashionable interior.

It weighs 150g