Burning I Sculpture by Kseniya Oudenot

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Paint, Plastic, Resin, Sand on Aluminium, Plastic, Other.

Were you ever mesmerized by the simple pleasure of watching paper burn? Memories being turned into ashes?

This cathartic work that has a very strong dark emotive look, captures the need to let go of the broken past.

Memories being turned into ashes. These 'Burning' series consists of multiple artworks that can be hang separately or together in various options ( spread out, gathered together, in a 'circle', vertically, horizontally etc).

These sculptures resemble burnt paper and the process of burning something as a symbolic gesture in order to release the past, heal and let the negative emotions go. Made of volcanic ash, sand, resin and the blackest acrylic.


Burning I

Kseniya Oudenot



Size: 20.1 W x 22.8 H x 7.9 in

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