Calmity Flora Sculpture by Richard Arfsten

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Calamity Flora - enlarged and displayed in a nature setting.

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Calmity Flora

Richard Arfsten

United States


Size: 6 W x 17 H x 5 D in

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Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Sculpture: Metal on Aluminium.

This is a fluke. Evaporative Pattern casting is extremely hard to do because there are about 50 reasons why it will not work. It took me 5 years at about 70 tries a year to identify the reasons and to form methods to control them. This is why I do not know of any other sculptors working with this process. At any rate this is one of the failures that actually wound up looking interesting. It is a happy accident that looks like a plant withering at the end of the year to me.

Kind of how I feel as I am aging. First the hearing went then I had an event where everything went gray and I lost half of my vision in ten minutes. That also took my balance and my heart valve started acting up. So you try to adapt as best as you can. At any rate there is a season for everything I guess. This poor flower is also trying to adapt.

If this sculpture interests you there is much more on this site. Go to the upper right top and enter "Arfsten sculpture" in the search box to see many styles and themes of my work.

Maquettes also make fine desk top sculpture and will come with a stone base to sit on.

There is also some on you tube that shows it in the round with some conversation to explain things. Search “You Tube Richard Arfsten sculpture” also Pinterest boards “Richard Arfsten Architectural Abstract sculpture”.

The major value in these pieces is the maquette aspect. The maquette is a three-dimensional model or blueprint that works to show that the design is accurate and can be built larger. A metal fabricator measures off of it to make the patterns to build from, just like a tailor uses your measurements to make your clothes. When presenting ideas to a client for consideration most sculptors submit a concept drawing on a piece of paper. A maquette is the actual sculpture in miniature. When you lift it up to view at eye level it will depict the sculpture exactly as it will be seen in real life as if you were walking up to and around it.

For a small additional fee you can buy the enlargement rights to have a metal fabricator of your choice build it to any size out of any kind of sheet metal. The maquette is lightweight - it can easily be mailed anywhere. Building the enlargement close to where it is to be used saves in transportation cost and import duties and you control all the details and eliminate my supervising fee.





Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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