Dear Sophie... Sculpture by Emma Clayton

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Art Description

Sculpture: Paper, decoupage on Cardboard.

This is a small sculpture I made from one of the postcards my sister sent me from her travels.
She always has a keen eye for gorgeous postcards, which inspired me to respond in some way... so I made a small house using the whole postcard, including making tiles for the roof.
This is the 1st in a series, which may turn into a village, or a town, who knows..?
The postcard picture is mostly on the outside of the house, with the writing on the inside, however, my sister seems to have used ink which fades, as the writing is slowly disappearing...
The title is "Dear Sophie...", as my sister sends postcards which arrive without any context, nor do they offer the opportunity to engage in a conversation or to respond, so I thought I would respond by making them into sculptures.
I was also struck by how many processes have to come together for a postcard to be made, for the stamp to be made, for the writing implement and ink to be made, and for the transportation of the postcard from one recipient to another, in this instance across the Atlantic: vast complex systems have come into play for one postcard to be made, written and cross the Ocean, and chucking it in the bin, or in a drawer just didn't seem enough!

(unfortunately, one of the window struts on one of the lower windows is broken... and due to the fragility of the material, as well as having used up the whole postcard, so I can't patch it, it will remain as it is.)



Dear Sophie...

Emma Clayton

United Kingdom


Size: 1.7 W x 2.9 H x 1.9 in

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