Drop of dew (large) Sculpture by Valeria Koshkina

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Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Bronze on Bronze, Glass.

The first impulse to the creation of the cycle of statuary sculptural compositions under the common name “Drops” was the verse with the same name, written by Nicholas Roerich in 1920:

Your grace and mercy fill
my hands. They pour through my fingers
in abundance. I cannot hold
everything. I have no time to see
the sparkling streams of wealth. Your
merciful wave pours to the earth
from my hands. I do not see, who will pick the
precious liquid? Whom to the small splashes
will fall? I will have no time to come
home. And I will bring drops only out of the
whole grace and mercy.

The human being, flushed with the flow of life, is unable to absorb its endless diversity. Our memory just keeps small “drops” of the events, phenomena as well as feelings and emotions connected with them. Hence, they are more dear to the heart, and every creative personality, being an artist, is willing and striving to share them with other people.
I have interpreted the word “drops” literally and chosen marvellous balls of cast glass, made at the worldwide known Czech factory of fancy glass “Egermann», as the basis of my compositions.

You have, surely, noted how beautifully the dew drops are sparkling on the leaves. There even exists a Chinese fairy tale narrating about this. Once upon a time there lived a princess; she had very much jewellery, buy she wanted to have a necklace made of dews. Naturally, every jeweller refused to fulfil this order, once an old wise master came and asked the princess to go to the garden on her own at dawn and gather the most beautiful drops from the leaves, after which he would be ready to make the proper setting for them. Then the princess has realized that her wishes were so stupid and unexpected. Of course, it is impossible to keep the dew on the burdock – one of my favorite plants – it is impossible, but this is possible that an Artist can do it out of glass.

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Drop of dew (large)

Valeria Koshkina

Czech Republic


Size: 12.6 W x 7.1 H x 8.7 in

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