Golden Genuch 1. Gift Golden Sculpture by Maas Tiir

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Silver and goldfish
Gold and silverfish
Silver, gold and black fish on the tail
Black, Silver, White and Goldfish
White, gold and silver fish on the tail

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Golden Genuch 1. Gift Golden

Maas Tiir



Size: 4.7 W x 8.3 H x 4.7 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Bronze on Bronze.

Sculpture "Golden Genuch 1" Gift Golden". This is a fantastic, precious, collectible, souvenir toy created for giving.
All my sculptures and, in particular, my sculpture “Golden Genuch 1”, open up a new creative direction for sculptors - spatial-kinetic visionary art in sculpture. The sculpture “Golden Genuch 1” has a complex geometric, lively bionic and at the same time stylish architectural form with smooth elusive lines of its body, which especially begins to manifest itself during the spatial turns. At the same time, the greatest effect from the perception of sculpture is observed while simultaneously listening to classical music from different eras: the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the present.
The harmonizing effect of my sculptures on people with aesthetic and spiritual capabilities for perceiving works of art, with long-term viewing of sculptures, turning sculptures around one axis, while rotating sculptures in hands in any direction while listening to classical music - this is my main idea, goal and the task that I have implemented today in my sculptures: "Golden Genuch 1", "No fluff, no feathers", "Silver Genuch 1", "Black Genuch 1", "White Genuch 1", "The girl in your hands 1", "The girl in your hands 2", "Girl on PC 1", "The girl in your hands 1", "Golden girl from the past 1", "Golden gymnast 1 - 7", "The woman is in your hands 1", "The woman is in your hands 1", "Golden Baba 1", "Silver Baba 1", "Black Woman 1", "Bronze Baba 1", "Black gymnast 1", "Golden gymnast 8 - 13", "Gold and black gymnasts 1 - 9".
All my sculptures are created according to the same plan: precious, collectible, souvenir, toys created for giving, with a harmonizing effect on people with aesthetic and spiritual possibilities for perceiving works of art. The sculpture "Golden Genuch 1" is portable, it can be performed without a pedestal, change its position on the pedestal or set on a pedestal constantly. The sculpture is made in a harmonious combination of different styles and trends: modern, art deco, pop art, minimalism, conceptualism, cubism, realism, surrealism, visionary art. Golden Genuch 1 is a fabulous image of a magical and fantastic creature, a mighty fearless male of a mysterious underwater kingdom or tender female — a magical, eternally young, sexy, mysterious sea creature with a sleek, shiny body, created with the help of my inner sight. The “Golden Genuch 1” sculpture fits comfortably in your hand and can rotate where it has many positions and two positions on a hard surface - horizontally on the fins and vertically on the tail.
In the vertical position, “Golden Genuch 1” can be supplemented with an artificial “pearl” of the required size to be placed in the mouth of the beast. The sculpture looks especially good in a pair or in a group of three, four similar sculptures made with different coatings and in different positions on a solid surface. Golden Genuch 1 is made as a gift for fishermen and hunters, men and women, as a symbol of happiness, health, wealth and well-being, wishes of victories, successes and good luck, including fishing, hunting and business. It has a unique inner strength, a unique full body, strong fins and a powerful tail, a fashionable big mouth and eyes. To order, you can make an individual inscription on the sculpture below or on a pedestal with the name of the owner, the desired date and wishes:"I wish you success," and so on. The inscription can be engraved on the material of sculpture or pedestal or on brass plates.
The main material of the sculptures is bronze. Possible coating materials for applying to the sculpture "Golden Genuch 1": natural silver, gold, artificial black, white resin, chemical treatment of bronze to any shade, polished bronze with a protective coating of wax. Silver and gold plating of silver and gold is electroplated at a specialized plant and has a thickness of 1-5 microns.
The price of the sculpture is determined by taking into account the author's fee, commission for production and delivery. The term of production of one or several sculptures to order is 15 days.
Each sculpture will contain: the year of manufacture, the number, and the signature of the author. The number of “Golden Genuch 1” collection sculptures, as well as all others, put up for sale with different external surfaces, as well as sculptures on different pedestals, is limited to no more than 10 for each installation, material and coating.





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