Know Break - Bronze Readers Series Sculpture by Lamia Fakhoury

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Know Break - Bronze Readers Series

Lamia Fakhoury



Size: 23.6 W x 7.1 H x 11.8 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Bronze on Marble.

Reader Series
Sculpting for me appropriately started with a book I picked up thirteen years ago on how to sculpt clay figures. Since then, there have been several experiments; mold making in Amman, armature building in Italy, metal cold casting at home, bronze sand-casting in the Palestinian refugee camp (Wihdat) at a car-part casting foundry, and lastly in Wales to learn lost wax casting.
As the sculptures evolved, the idea of attempting a human size sculpture became appealing. When a friend suggested making a sculpture of a reader, the idea quickly triggered memories of a childhood among books..Books that transported me to a different existence almost as real as life.. creating a KNOWledge of a reality far removed .. enriched by places and characters that feel alive..almost!
The suggestion eventually became a series of ideas of different readers.. starting with ‘Getting to Know’ which also evolved into my first human size sculpture ‘Big Know’.

Lamia Fakhoury
Video producer, turned coffee roaster, turned private mediator. Sculpting since 2005. 

The reader series was sculpted, molded, and cast locally by the artist using recycled bronze, in Amman Jordan