Woman-scissors Sculpture by Leonid Filitsyan

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Leonid Filitsyan

United States


Size: 8 W x 15 H x 1.5 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: 3D Sculpting, Bronze on Bronze.

To notice a certain essence of an object, one that is not inherent to it, but present nonetheless and to highlight it – this is my task as an artist. By adding bodily elements to an object or placing a body within the framework of an object, I create my metaphor. In this case, “Woman – scissors”. By combining the form of scissors with the form of a female body, the harmony of a new form is created. A new female image is created, with its own character. The inner side of the thigh is also the cutting surface of the scissors, which creates a certain degree of intrigue. Isn’t that so? But let the viewer have his or her own associations and interpretations. The perception of art is a personal, subjective matter.