Fabien Beuchet

Fabien Beuchet

Strasbourg Area, France

About Fabien Beuchet

Artist ↔ Teacher ↔ Art critic. Born in June 1982 in France, actually living between Strasbourg and Besancon, preparing an international life project made of Painting, Photography, Art Criticism and Art History, I attach a mighty importance to each life element in a Far Eastern organicist vision of existence. Inner and outer, whole and one, a perpetual dialogue I just want to take part in.
How? Through a search for both delectation and thought via an aesthetic based on chromati(ci)sm and on a well-developed brilliancy, to give my creations a full autonomy through their affirmation within their own dialogue with any environment (personal technique, no varnish, 90% : gouache only, 10% : sparkling paint and/or golden/silver paper, 2/3 of the time retouching my photos : minimal post-Instant realization). Long meditations and self-projections in life facts before an intense, fast, profuse or laconic, tangible action, a crystal; always willing not to annoy any-thing (from a stone to a yelling person, a wind to a cell), crystals in order to contribute to a lucid and wide open universal smile.
My inspiration takes its roots in the alliance of modernity and tradition, of everyday life, philosophies and myths, of self-language and multi-language. I particularly am impregnated with Japanese, Chinese and Iranian civilizations and peoples, with Middle Ages, and with a part of 19th-20th Western centuries. The miniaturist way to perceive Art (artist and viewer) is also one of the points I develop (90% of my creations are, until now, small sized, and a lot of them present many details and paths to discover).
Along with the union between myth and daily life, the declaration of universality through individuality (and vise-versa) through an artistic search for the Instant in an action in motion between abstraction and figuration, gesture and non-gesture, void and Void, zero and Zero, is a characteristic of my will of fusion.

Concretizations : Crystals (unions between daily life and myth, motion and constancy, us).

In eleven words : Smile-Asceticism, Chroma, Crystal, Mirror, Isthmus, Instant (spherical lightning in which we are not just living but Being), Intercivilizational, Satori (Illumination), Fusion, For².

CONTACT : beuchet.fabien@gmail.com
Bilingual EN-FR website


Maîtrise in Histoire de l’Art et de l’Architecture, 2006, University of Strasbourg, France.
CLES 1 English (European certification), 2006, University of Strasbourg, France.
BA in Archaeology, 2003, University of Strasbourg, France.
Languages spoken : French (maternal language), English, Persian (average : 2011-2013 University classes, still learning), Spanish (average), Japanese (beginner).


PUBLICATIONS (ART CRITICISM : promotion through creative criticism) :

OCT. 2019 :
"Yuliya Zelinskaya’s Interdefinition as a Declaration of Art", article, https://zelinskaya-yuliya.com/blog/

APRIL - AUGUST 2019 : "Art History in Motion " series of articles
Published on both Artlecture.com (South-Korea based online gallery and magazine) & on the author's website, Prose & Poetry (+translation & adaptations for #2 & 3) by Fabien BEUCHET, Pictures courtesy of the Artists :

Art History in Motion #0 : Julie QUINN (MI, USA), April 2019

Art History in Motion #1 part 1 & 2 : Yuliya ZELINSKAYA (Russia), May & June 2019
& https://artlecture.com/article/838
+ https://www.fabien-beuchet.com/art-criticism-2019-en

Art History in Motion #2 : Ilham LARAKI OMARI (Morocco), July 2019
+ https://www.fabien-beuchet.com/art-criticism-2019-en

Art History in Motion #3 : Elham ETEMADI (Iran), Aug. 2019
+ https://www.fabien-beuchet.com/art-criticism-2019-en

FEB. - APRIL 2018 :
5 Poems for the Russian Artist Yuliya ZELINSKAYA Юлия Зелинская
2 Poems for the American Artist Julie QUINN
→ http://zelinskaya-yuliya.com/blog/
→ https://www.fabien-beuchet.com/art-criticism-2018-en-and-fr-en

Details : Four originally written in English poems, 1 bilingual FR-EN poem :
1. 10 Verse Poem for the Artwork ''The Nebula of Equality'' (Bilingual French-English)
2 → 5. Four originally written in English Poems for the Artworks :
- ''SUNSHINE and MOONSHINE ~ the Sun Ambrassador'' (6 verses)
- ’’The Way of Destiny'’ (16 verses, Feb. 12th on AAA FB page https://www.facebook.com/artsartistsartwork/ ; lnkd.in/gTUp_Cv)
- ''The Nebula of Trust'' (11 verses)
- ''Charity'' (13 verses)
6 & 7 : Two originally written in English Poems, one for the Art of Julie QUINN, one for her Artwork "Ancient Words"

AUG. 2017 :
Poem, FR, from Aug. 2015, published on the website of the French artist Lucile SŒUR http://lucilesoeur.fr/index.php/project/instinct/

JAN.-FEB. 2017 :
(1) 14 verse poem, FR-EN, for Ilham LARAKI OMARI (Morocco), self-publication (fabien-beuchet.com)
(2) 67 verse poem, FR-EN, accompanying in situ the artworks of Elham ETEMADI during her solo exhibition "Jeux de Chimères ", 9th Jan. – 3rd Feb. 2017, Galerie des Arts, Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg, France

SEPT. 2016 :
"Poem'anifesto in French Context" : a 100 verse poem, online & (first) in French.
Self-publication : fabien-beuchet.com

JULY.-AUG. 2015 :
Self-publications, May 2016 (FR-EN & FR)
(1) a 16 verse poem, FR-EN, for MURAKI Noriyuki (Japan)
(2) a 33 verse poem, FR, for Lucile Sœur (France)

JAN. 2015 :
a 66 verse poem for Elham ETEMADI’s (Iran) solo exhibition, Where is she ?, Jan. 29th – March 28th 2015, Galerie Omnibus, Besançon, France.
Online publication in French & English :
(1, FR) http://omnibus-galerie.com/elham-etemadi
(2, EN) : https://www.fabien-beuchet.com

NOV. 2010 :
Bilingual exhibition catalogue (EN-FR, - Personal translation & adaptations -), Silence. La peinture chinoise contemporaine (Paris – Grand Palais – Nov.2010, Strasbourg – Dec.2010, Reims – Aug.2011 ; France) ; contribution : a 4 page text and 16 short poems) ; ISBN : 978-2-9535968-1-6

APRIL 2010 (for French diffusion) :
Bilingual exhibition catalogue (French-Chinese) "Deux dialogues. Peinture-Ecriture / France-Chine" ; Paris – Grand Palais – ; Drusenheim ; Strasbourg, France, Nov. 2009 & May 2010 (5 page contribution) ; ISBN : 978-2-9535968-0-9

NOV. 2009 :
Exhibition Artistes chinois dans les salons français ; Paris – Grand Palais – France : one of the leaflet’s two texts (poetry).



AUG. 2020, APR. 2019, DEC. & JULY 2018 :
8x Published by Ojalart (Open: Journal of Arts & Letters), USA :
- 2 photos (Accès 0 & 2) accompanying two poems by Radoslav Rochallyi (philosopher & poet, Slovakia)
- Apr. 2019 : 2 picto-montages (PAoN 1 & 17) accompanying two poems by James Roderick Burns
(lives in Scotland)
- Dec. 2018 : 3 paintings (Passage I, Pyramids, Dragon of Time) accompanying two poems by Travis Stephens & one poem by Amber Shockley (USA).
- July 2018 : one photo (LiTe 3 2/2) accompanying a poem by Alice Pettway (USA).

Dis-Integrating, a Tribute to Dark Wave
11th Feb. – 25th March 2017, GreenLion Studios, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Métamorphoses, 10-11-12th April 2015, Galerie Jean Greset, Besançon, France (benefit exhibition, French Cancer League).

FEB. 2014 : two paintings published, central pages, Strasbourger artistic review "Agrippine doit mourir", France (ISSN : 1958 - 37371 – 2014 –)

Hua Peintures. Rencontre franco-chinoise, Apr.17th–May 1st 2010, Strasbourg, France.

Ateliers Ouverts, May 8-9th & 15-16th 2010, Strasbourg, France.