Susanne Pareike

Susanne Pareike

, Germany

About Susanne Pareike

Susanne Pareike (1946 born in Bramsche) is a documentary impressionist with an eye for the details of everyday life. Her approach is interdisciplinary. Her art evolves out of a dialogue between the classical art techniques, such as drawing, painting and sculpture and the modern: photography, video and print media.
Her art builds a bridge between traditional and modern ways of creative expression.

The topics that interest her are of a rather temporal nature: Observations in a landscape, in rooms and of structures. People and situations are documented through the artist’s eye, reflected in time and space and interpreted. Although her projects cover different themes, they all share a calm, contemplative language of images.

Text: Dr. Friedrich Kasten, Galerie Kasten Mannheim
Translation: Irene Bruenger


1967 Werkkunstschule (School of Applied Arts) Hamburg
1971 Werkkunstschule Muenster
1977 Ruhr University Bochum