Teleportation in Childhood Installation by lila herceg

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Teleportation in Childhood

lila herceg


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Art Description

Installation: LED, plastic, Found Objects, Glass on Plastic, Other, Glass.

Hanging instlation is made of little toys Kindersuprise. Light from above delight object all around. When you look in the mirror below instalation you can see optical illusion infinity in depth.

Teleportation of Childhood is lightened hanging instalation manufactured of plastic figures glued on the flax. Under instalation is mirror that reflex visual transposition of installation into the deep space. Light installed on the plate made of plexiglass amplifyies the impression of tunnel.

The tunnel is endless: it represents passage inviting back to childhood through the mutual play of light, mirror and hanged figures, some kind of psychic teleportation to childhood. Figures like particles are disappearing beyond the mirror – time, and consumer is inspired to rememeber his own personal toys and plays.

The used figures were acquired from various recources mostly from friends and relatives or purchased on a flea market. For the most of owners these figures were useless and therefore threated as the waste.

Amassing and heaping up of the garbage is frustrating for the awaken artist as myself. Therefore my avocation as artist is to boost a conscieousness of a need of reciclation not only in industrial but also in artistic way. As a painter and sculptor both my works are dediacted to reciclation in tehnical way as much as in a thematic.

Regress to childhood is my constant opssesion. Teleportation to childhood is is kind of meditation on our primal mind purity as that of child and my art project is a kind of evocation of these primal innocent stage of life.



Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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