Digital Exhibitions

Stay informed about upcoming and past exhibitions featuring Saatchi Art artists. In addition to being the world's leading online art gallery, we collaborate with brick-and-mortar galleries and various other organizations to exhibit the work of some of our most promising artists in shows around the globe.

Pride Reflected

Identity is a longstanding theme within the dialogue of photography. The art form’s power to capture the multiplicity of identity is magnified when the camera is in the hands of the people who are a part of the represented communities. Our curators examine how the traditions of representation continue today with the works of 15 LGBTQ+ photographers and allies. Pride, Reflected is a culmination of diverse perspectives, from theatrical staging and storytelling to pure documentation for advocacy and celebration.

Into the Dark

Late Baroque artwork is characterized by dramatic, emotional compositions—crafted with an ingenious use of light and dark. While high-contrast lighting is widely recognized as chiaroscuro, a substyle called tenebrism, heightens these qualities tenfold. Join our curators as they cast new light on this overlooked technique with 54 evocative works that reintroduce tenebrist philosophy.


Contemporary society is defined by a complex relationship with personal and cultural identity and African American artists are wielding their creative voices to authentically narrate their realities. Highlighting 12 trailblazers, Emerge spans mediums and techniques, embracing tradition and modernity to reveal the artists’ relationship with their environment.

Love Letters to the Planet

Time and time again, artists have evaluated and responded to humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and contemporary reality sees nature portrayed as not only a pristine and remote entity but as an integral part of our lived experience. Today’s landscapes remind us of an intimate connection with the earth, an interconnectedness that inspires utopian visions and celebrations of biodiversity, urging us toward responsible stewardship and sustainable coexistence.

Acts of Liberation

The Other Art Fair champions artists who dare to innovate, break the rules, and challenge convention. On the occasion of the Fair’s 10th Los Angeles edition, Fair Director Nicole Garton tapped curator Taylor Bythewood-Porter to guest-curate a group exhibition celebrating liberation in all its forms. The resulting “Acts of Liberation” features select works by September 2023 exhibitors and is co-presented with Saatchi Art at Barker Hangar September 21-24 and online.


What once was considered “women’s work,” needlework, knitting, quilting, and crocheting, is now at the forefront of boundary-pushing contemporary art. Saatchi Art presents 17 women fabric artists whose mixed-media tapestries, handwoven art objects, and tactile wall hangings continue the medium's evolution through the recontextualization of traditional techniques and adaptation of surprising materials.

Canvas of Expression

Within Saatchi Art’s community of LGBTQ+ artists lies a rich tapestry of visual storytelling spanning mediums, styles, and techniques. In this exhibition, our curators looked beyond commonality and explored the unique perspective offered by each artist. In celebration of Pride month, journey through a kaleidoscope of artistry.

Sixth Sense

The power of art lies not only in its ability to reflect the world around us but also in its capacity to transcend it. Artists possess an extraordinary power to uncover the hidden forces that shape our lives, bringing to light the enigmatic through imagination. Together, the artists within this exhibition reveal a portal where the surreal and the metaphysical merge beyond tangible experiences. From time travel to alchemy, Sixth Sense invites viewers to embark on a journey into the otherworldly.

Piecing It Together

While American artists like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg have long been considered the progenitors of assemblage and collage art in the US, there is an extensive history of Black American artists working in the medium. In recent decades, the representation and inclusion of 20th-century artists like Romare Bearden and Betye Saar in cultural institutions and art collections have substantially increased. However, there is still more to be done to understand the Black American experience as expressed through the assemblage and collage art of emerging artists working today. In this exhibition, these thoughtfully layered works reveal the deeply personal stories of the artists and move viewers to contemplate their own relationships with the subject matter and reused materials.

Monochromatic Magic

The effectiveness of black and white photography is often not what is conveyed through the image itself but rather what is left unclear or deliberately kept out of the final composition. Much like Hollywood’s first silent film directors in the early 20th century, contemporary black-and-white photographers must focus on the fundamentals of contrast, composition, and texture. While understanding these art basics is essential for any artist, they are the quintessence of the black-and-white medium. Through harsh angles and an absence of color, the photographers in this exhibition invent entire narratives within the span of one scene—giving viewers just enough information to dream up the following sequence of the story.

Under the Radar

In a rapidly changing world, the ever-evolving art market has started gravitating towards an entirely new category. “Digital art” can be generally described as any artwork created or manipulated using a computer or other digital technology. Originally gaining traction as a niche art form in the 1980s with the creation of CGI and computer graphics, it has since become the preferred medium for many art lovers online. Its influence continues to shape our global media today. In partnership with Fairchain, Under the Radar presents 19 emerging Saatchi Art artists who work within numerous digital mediums and styles, including NFTs and video, who are moving the needle forward on where digital art is headed.

The Power of Pop

Characterized by the appropriation of imagery from mass media—saturated colors, flattened graphics, dizzying repetition, and omnipresent consumer and pop culture icons—the visual strategies of Pop art have become ubiquitous. Today, Latine and Latin American artists harness those techniques and their communicative capacity to create resonant artworks about their own political, social, and artistic experiences. In celebration of Latine Heritage Month, Saatchi Art presents 90 works by contemporary artists exploring the power and potential of Pop art throughout Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and the US.

Beyond the Rainbow

Since the Stonewall Riots of 1969, cities, organizations, and companies have paid homage each June to those whose lives have been defined by and lost in the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ rights. Most often, LGBTQ+ pride is visualized in the symbol of the rainbow. While the rainbow signals shared identity, community, and allyship, lived experiences transcend symbols and slogans. This Pride Month, Saatchi Art seeks to highlight artists whose portrayal of LGBTQ+ life goes beyond the rainbow in an acknowledgment that despite increased representation, many aspects of queer experience are still rendered invisible or one-dimensional. In Beyond the Rainbow: Pride in Portraits, we showcase pioneering artists rendering the invisible visible through portraiture.

Masters of Eco-Design

When it comes to art, more and more artists are taking the lifecycle of their materials into account, making their art with an eye towards sustainability and protecting the natural world. This can mean using sustainable materials themselves or making art that consciously encourages conversations about pressing climate issues. The international artists in Masters of Eco-Design: Art and Sustainability represent the vanguard of eco-design, producing their art from recycled and upcycled materials towards diverse conceptual and formal ends.

Portraits of Her

From the Venus de Milo to the Grande Odalisque, women have functioned as artistic muses throughout art history. And for the vast majority of that time, female figures have been filtered through the male gaze. In Portraits of Her: Figures by Female Artists, Saatchi Art puts the perspective of women front and center, featuring over sixty depictions of the female form made by female artists.

Shaping the Future

This Black History Month, Saatchi Art is honored to feature Black artists exploring and celebrating their personal and family stories, with an eye towards history’s power and importance.

Major Figures

Saatchi Art is proud to present Major Figures, a survey of contemporary figurative painters highlighting artists who approach their subjects and mediums in bold ways, with reference (or reverence) to the art historical canon combined with fresh perspectives.

Permeable Boundaries | Fronteras Permeables

Permeable Boundaries spotlights Saatchi Art artists who foreground Hispanic and Latino American identities, cultures, and experiences in their work. With a focus on US-based artists, this exhibition takes its name, Permeable Boundaries, from a phenomenon seen across these artists' practices: the act of navigating multiple cultures, and exploring the notion of identity as it is shaped by factors that cross cultural boundaries.


As television, personal computers, mobile phones, and the internet came to dominate 20th century life, a new category of art emerged and met these advancements with a spirit of curiosity and critique. Termed “new media,” the category and its boundaries are expansive, as its practices continue to evolve in tandem with the exponential growth of technology we experience today. Continuum highlights the possibilities of art and technology, and proposes new media as an ever-expanding frontier that artists of varied mediums and backgrounds can approach.

React, Respond, Repair

On the occasion of Black History Month, we invited longtime, bestselling Saatchi Art artist Barry Johnson to guest curate a collection of artworks in honor of the celebration. On the heels of a challenging year, we cannot overstate the importance of art as a vehicle for reflection and social change. This crucial function gave rise to the title of this online exhibition—React, Respond, Repair—three words that came to mind as our guest curator selected artworks for this show.

Carlos San Millán

Saatchi Art is proud to present Matter and Light, an exhibition of new works by Spanish artist, Carlos San Millán. In this series, Carlos explores his interior surroundings and reimagines objects of everyday life with color and curiosity. The evocative nature of Carlos’ natural and interior scenes calls the viewer to reflect on the present and project their own memories of place and feel onto the canvas.

Explore by Style

Abstract Expressionist artists aimed to use abstraction for personal expression, viewing their works as direct manifestations of their psyches and windows into universal truths. Explore a collection of artworks inspired by the historic movement.

Towards Utopia

On the occasion of Pride Month, Saatchi Art is honored to present over 50 works that suggest liberation, empowerment, and the potential for queer futures—even utopia. ​The late theorist José Esteban Muñoz proposed the notion of a queer utopia, claiming, “Queerness is essentially about the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality or concrete possibility for another world.” Explore a collection of works that aspire to a better world while critiquing the present.