Singgih Prio Wicaksono

Singgih Prio Wicaksono

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

About Singgih Prio Wicaksono

born in Indonesia 1995. I was an artist and woodworker. interest in sculpture with any media, wood, resin and many more. Reading the issues of popular culture and the habits of society. Interested in the forms of object and believe if he have the ability to convey messages.


currently studying in visual art program, State University of Surabaya


-Indonesian Student Art Exhibitions, Jakarta, 2015
-East Java Environmental Art. Surabaya, 2015
-Transfigurasi. Surabaya, 2015
-Surabaya Move On. Surabaya, 2016
-Salihara Thredimensional Competition. Jakarta, 2016
-Self Reflection 2, Surabaya, 2016
-Memetri Kriya. Surabaya, 2017
-Undagi 2. Yogyakarta, 2018