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Kirana Haag

“May your Heart be open and full of Love”


George Rowbottom

two robots, some fruit, a strawberry milk and an onion


Nikki Wilson

Alone in New York


Annette Golden



Pilar Basa

Crimson Rosellas Love Spag Bol


Sara Sohrabian

Hands are willing to touch you


Drawing all night from his earliest memories, Yianni was and still is addicted to art, with decades of experience as both artist and curator. His long-held passion for taking “art back to the people” has seen him break the mould in his efforts to push art into public spaces, such as when he Founded the Zooid Artist Movement, which gained attention for art exhibitions that roamed the streets of Sydney, or having his artwork displayed on the Billboards of Times Square.

Yianni’s work is often influenced by his experience of the urban landscape but always with his own whimsical twist on the scenes that inspire him.

ASNA Australian Suburban Nuts Association


Nude Kelly


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