Youthful Angst Collage

Anne Lacheiner-kuhn

United Kingdom

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About The Collage

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Collage, "Youthful Angst," by Anne Lacheiner-kuhn, available for purchase at $545 USD. Original Collage: Paper, Photo on Paper.

Working with found, sampled, recycled and appropriated materials, my current practice focuses on extracting and de-contextualizing parts of images found in contemporary photography magazines. Reworking these into new images and ultimately creating new stories and narratives from these fragments. I play with the subconscious/unconscious notion of my own sexuality, fetishes, angst and mortality and more recently my heritage. I work on a number of collage series simultaneously each with its own theme and focus. “Daydreamer” is the earliest of these series that focuses on escapism through remixing images into new narratives with composition and balance taking focus. Works are titled and aide the viewer but ultimately I enjoy how every person interprets the work differently.