Blood Moon Washed With Water Painting by Caitlin G McCollom

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Color, Paint, Watercolor on Paper, Plastic.

The world has an invisible side that beckons all of us, why people study theology, quantum physics, contemplative prayer, the multi-verse and all the other far reaches of the human mind. I am seeking the truth of the visible world by channeling images and interpreting them through a specialized process of painting with acrylic paint on polypropylene ‘paper’. My painting work is conceptual and focused on spirituality, mysticism and existential absence— searching for what is veiled by the visible world. I am compelled to express the balance between the unknowable space of the mind, the beauty and wonder of the spiritual realm and the fragility of the physical body. My vibrant paintings on plastic paper have many facets and each part is an important symbol for something else— contemporary icons presented as meditative images for contemplation of the divine, visible mystery, and the unknowable. I use color and shape symbologies and explorations of archetypical imagery surrounded by formal whiteness to express connections between the visible and invisible world. Historically I draw influence from artists like Robert Irwin, Marina Abramovic, Bill Viola, Fransisco Goya and James Tissot— artists from differing styles and periods but each of these people create visual experiences that harken a deep understanding of the intangible spiritual associations with artistic practice.



Blood Moon Washed With Water

Caitlin G McCollom

United States


Size: 20 W x 26 H x 1 in

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