Continuum of Magnetic Seep

United States

Size: 65 H x 114 W x 6 in

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Art Description

Painting: Iron, Spray Paint, Fiber and Acrylic on Canvas and Iron.

This was created using a special process of painting with the unseen. In this case the unseen is the invisible forces of magnetism. The artist works from the unseen side of the painting - the back - gesturing the magnet, he affects the forces involved, which in turn move the iron on the surface of the canvas to create marks. The result is a drawing, the record of unseen motions of invisible forces blocked behind the canvas.

The canvas is then vacuumed leaving ghostly trails of marks. Again, a process of the unseen is at play. The vacuum embodies the void, a place without of matter, a place unseen, as it sucks up the iron (matter) form the surface. After the matter is gone the record of the matter's motion is left on the surface.

This speaks of how we affect the unseen to affect the physical. Our thoughts, motions, and actions travel through space to connect and affect their sympathetic targets.

The canvas also reveals what is not seen through rips and tears. Holes open up the front of the canvas to the back of the canvas showing what is on the inside, in this case color. The color also glows out from the sides to reflect onto the wall surrounding the canvas. The aura of color and holes reveal, connect and give clues to more of what is unseen, the backside of the painting.

Near the bottom edge the canvas breaks the dimension of the two dimensional flat plane by bending up into three dimensional space. This bridge of dimensions reveals what one cannot see in only one dimension. The viewer can now see the front and back of the canvas at the same time.

Keywords: Yellow, Black And White , Contemporary Painting, Rorschach, Abstract Landscape, Abstract Nature, Process Art, Drawings, Shaped Canvas, Galaxy, Sculptural Painting, Mystical

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual, Minimalism, Modern

Mediums: Iron, Spray Paint, Fiber, Acrylic

Materials: Canvas, Iron

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