Enso - Clinging To Nothing Painting by Nadja Van Ghelue

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Detail Zen enso
Enso - Clinging To Nothing-Detail Calligraphy

Art Description

Painting: Ink on Paper.

I brushed this Enso circle in black sumi. Next to it stands a verse from the Diamond Sutra :

應 無 所 住 而 生 其 心

Ō mu sho jū ni shō go shu,


"Give birth to a thought that is not attached to anything."

A freer translation would be:

"Let your mind be unattached, clinging to nothing."

The original Enso circle is not stretched yet. I don't know if you are familiar with rice paper, but when you brush on it, it absorbs the ink and it wrinkles. Therefore the artwork needs to be mounted, which means it is stretched and flattened to take the wrinkles away. For more information about mounting this Enso calligraphy please visit my website, at https://www.theartofcalligraphy.com/zen-art, where I recommend you a mounter in California, US. Please be aware that I cannot take any responsibility for the mounting.

Original size of the Enso calligraphy in cm: 70 x 120 cm.

The artwork will be shipped rolled in a tube.




Enso - Clinging To Nothing

Nadja Van Ghelue


Size: 47 W x 27.5 H x 0.1 in

Ships in a Tube

Shipping included

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