Islamic Calligraphy Painting by Benish Javed

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Art Description

Painting: Spray Paint, Oil, oilpaints, Acrylic, binder on Canvas, Wood, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Paper.

Inspiration comes after knowing its importance as explained below:

The Tasbih of Fatimah commonly known as "Tasbih Hadhrat Zahra"[1][2] or "Tasbih al-Zahra", is a special dhikr which is attributed to Fatimah bint Muhammad,[4] and is included 34 times Allah-o-Akbar (Takbir), 33 times Alhamdulillah (Tahmid) and 33 times Subhanallah (Tasbih).[5][6][7]

According to an Islamic narration from Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Islamic prophet Muhammad taught this dhikr (Tasbih of Fatimah) to his daughter Fatimah. According to this narration Fatimah who was suffering hardships of daily routine, intended to ask him for a servant helping them with household chores, then her father (Muhammad) taught her the mentioned tasbih and told her that this tasbih is better for you than that servant; hence Fatimah pleased with it.[8]

Qur'an and Tasbih
In regards to this tasbih which is also famous as Tasbihat al-Sayyidah al-Zahra[9] or Tasbihat Hazrat Fatimah al-Zahra,[10][11] it is said that this is Mustahab (recommended) to say tasbih of Fatimah after every (Wajib/Mustahabb) prayers; it is also emphasized Mustahab to say this dhikr after Fajr prayer.[12]


Islamic Calligraphy

Benish Javed



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