Project Silver Maple Ballroom 2016 – 2017 Piece I Part I Mixed media on Indian cotton paper 100x70 cm 2016 Painting by c Riedstra

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detail. Project Silver Maple Ballroom Piece I Part I   mixed media on indian cotton paper 100x70 cm 2016

Art Description

Painting: Ink, Gouache, Acrylic, mixed media, Chalk on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Paper.

Artist statement
As an artist I am triggered by the phenomenon ‘Power’
How does this phenomenon occur and what are its foreseen and unforeseen consequences?
Implicating social and economical changes, were mostly the people are target, in being manipulated and misguided by social media and the internet, were data are the important tool.

In my projects I respond to these consequences.
Doing a lot of research, par example the artists and their role in history, I draw lines from there to the contemporary art. An important source of inspiration for me.

My images I find in newspapers, on the internet, magazines and in my own works.
By transforming and enlarging these materials, searching for an unexpected and unusual context, with the suggestion underlying the surface, I find that I reach the audience.

By constantly reaching and renewing within myself I try to continue that line.


This project is about manipulation, mental and verbal, I think right now you will find this phenomenon everywhere.
Whether we talk about the Trumps of our time, or Google with his manipulative data searches, or the way it is brutally used within religion.
To me it looks like ordinary people all over are deluded by overpowering loud rude speeches, mind boggling internet data, the power of media, without asking themselves what they might feel or think.
It seems as if as a sincere person that is civilised, thinks, analyses, educates him or herself, is powerless by this short-sighted and self-centred behaviour.


Project Silver Maple Ballroom 2016 – 2017 Piece I Part I Mixed media on Indian cotton paper 100x70 cm 2016

c Riedstra



Size: 27.6 W x 39.4 H x 0.4 in

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