RELAX Painting by Shirin Donia

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Shirin Donia



Size: 39.4 W x 55.1 H x 1.2 in

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Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Paint, Paper, Wood, Black & White on Paper, Wood.

This painting is a framed artwork from the series: FACADE.

The painting series "FACADE" deals - as the name implies - with the facade, the appearance that in our time more and more often covers reality and gives something to others. I spontaneously felt the need to deal artistically with this topic.

Consciously, I did not design people as otherwise realistic, but, in keeping with the theme and the concept of the entire work, they chose a fast, abstract stroke. Shaped by harsh contrasts - black and white meets pastel tones. Through the eyes and mouths of the otherwise rather delicate-looking women, a black dominant bar with white typography. Words like "Artist, Lover, Faith and Hope" are painted in uppercase letters. Reminiscent of the impression of the street art - loud and unmistakable. The usual careful elaboration, typical of earlier works of mine, is completely absent here. Almost a painterly eruption in the otherwise orderly world. I've been told that painting is reminiscent of the "Young Savages" of the 1980s, but it springs from our minds in our day.

Anonymity also plays an important role, many faces represent typical posing beauties, as they are known from current lifestyle magazines, but I have stranger, unrecognizable, taken out of context and presented very complex: sometimes vulnerable, sometimes arrogant, sometimes strong, sometimes weak.

The questions that arise: where does the facade start, where does it stop? A probably unsolvable puzzle. A mirror of the beholder, of ourselves in this day and age? What exactly do we really reveal about us? How do we show ourselves in public, what do we tell on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co? The perfect staging of a facade?

You purchase a unique piece! The painting is painted on a mixed media layer on wood and already framed and can be hung quite simple with a nail directly.Order online - get delivered to your home - unpack - hang up!




Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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