Old Ship of Zion - Limited Edition 1 of 12

United States

Size: 56 H x 60 W x 1 in

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Art Description

Photography: Digital, Color and Photo on Canvas.

"The Old Ship of Zion" is a rare photographic creation from the gallery collection of THE PLANT GALLERY U.S.A. There are 12 editions of "The Old Ship of Zion," this is edition #12. The freestyle synoptic gives the viewer a direct sense of realism and actuality. You will rarely obtain or view a photographic image of this artistic magnitude. Enjoy it while you can because there are only 12 limited editions of this genius photographic work of art.

Keywords: Photography, Portrait, Print, Bible, Religion, Ships, Water, Jesus, Israel, Churches, Ocean

Subjects: Religion

Styles: Art Deco, Fine Art, Pop Art, Modern, Conceptual

Mediums: Digital, Color, Photo

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