Ancient Egyptian Dream Sculpture by Richard Arfsten

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Begining the clay sculpture
The inspiration for the piece
A paper casting from the design mold.
A more dramatic casting with pastel and paint.
Another piece from the same clay that was remodeled.

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Ancient Egyptian Dream

Richard Arfsten

United States


Size: 9 W x 15 H x 5 D in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal on Bronze.

Thirty some years ago I was taking some classes at Penland School of Crafts and Art, a great school, and I would see this girl on breaks. She had her eyes made up like she stepped out of Egypt 4000 years ago. I loved all the Egyptian history and statues in National Geographic and I am still fascinated with peoples' faces. I suppose that is why I am a sculptor.

Back to the story. I went back to the studio and got a lump of clay. I was probably about 20 or 25 feet from her at another picnic table on the veranda. I model very fast and I was going gang busters. She got up after her break and went back to class. The next day I did the same thing and her friends told her I was modeling her. She got up and asked what I was doing and I showed her the face. She was not too mad and being a fellow artist sort of understood. She asked what it was going to take to stop me
from following her around. I asked her if I could just model her for 15 more minutes and I would be done. She was very nice and let me pester her for that time. I think I later gave her a paper cast as a thank you for her time and patience.

Now when I go to the doctor's office I have a very little sketch book that I draw peoples faces in. I love drawing faces. To me it is much more interesting than animals or landscapes.

I have lots of sculpture on this site in many styles. If you enter "Arfsten" in the search box on the top right of this page you can them.





Artist Recognition

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