Basel Sculpture by Peter Wiltshire

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In full sun
In dappled shade
In full sun
On a black background, showing the iridescence of the red glass
The reverse side on a white background

Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Metal, Steel on Glass, Stainless Steel, Other.

This stained glass and stainless steel sculpture was inspired by a holiday in Basel, Switzerland in February. This included the whole of the Fasnacht Carnival and visiting many of the art galleries, museums and other sites in the city and just across the border in Germany.

It includes a bit of the Rhine, a bit of Fasnacht, a bit of me and a dusting of Picasso.

It is art designed to withstand the non-sterile gallery that a garden is and will survive outside in all weathers.

It is made by me with leaded stained glass techniques and materials, so is therefore weatherproof and can be placed outside or inside. The frame and legs have been created by inserting marine grade stainless steel, 4mm diameter, rods into the outer channel of the lead. This is held in place by silicon, smoothing the lead down and soldering on wire clips. It is easily installed by just pushing the legs into the ground or a large pot. It can also be easily moved around.

Both sides are finished to the same standard. The only difference is in the texture, colour and iridescence of the glass. The reverse side is shown in the last photo.

The stained glass is 22.75 inches (58cm) by 4.8 inches (12.3cm) and it has 12 inch (30cm) legs, so the total length is 34.75 inches (88 cm).



Peter Wiltshire

United Kingdom


Size: 4.8 W x 34.8 H x 0.3 in

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