Collossal head of Bull Sculpture by Alexey Kanis

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Art Description

Sculpture: Stone, Metal, Bronze, Marble on Stone, Bronze, Marble.

The bull is a symbol of unrestrained strength and power. In Russia people have always worshiped it, ascribed different mystical qualities to it,praised in songs and legends. In my composition, the image of bull is represented in form of an architectural plastic model, which facetted forms underline the bull's power. At any moment, it is ready to brake away
furiously crashing everything in his way, a sort of hyper-dynamics frozen in an architectural static figure.
My sculpture made from black marble and red quarzit. It is a very good quality connection with different type of stone.


Collossal head of Bull

Alexey Kanis



Size: 25.5 W x 29.5 H x 13.7 in

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