Flying Figure And Wings Sculpture by Laurie Goodhart

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Flying Figure And Wings

Laurie Goodhart

United States


Size: 12 W x 28.5 H x 12 in

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Flying Figure And Wings

Laurie Goodhart


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Art Description

Sculpture: Ceramic, Clay, Pottery, Paint, Wax on Ceramic.

I’ve recently begun collaborating with potter Stephen Procter, painting on his very primal forms. This in itself is a wonderous new world for me — that any element in a painting can have a unique relationship with any other element, none barred from reaching another since the substrate is a continuum. Beyond that, we both work with the intent of gesturing toward the transcendent within a beautiful form and are thrilled to enhance each others' reach with these groundbreaking pieces.

I’m inspired by the massive changes now pervading our society, regarding our interconnectedness and also womens’ autonomy. In this particular piece, I also play with many of the infinite shades of green that exist.