Phoenix's Wings Sculpture by Arthur Palaghia

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Wood, 3D Sculpting on Wood, Other, Iron.

Pheonix's Wings..
Sometimes, you come to a point in life, when you feel that you have accomplished so extraordinary much or so incredibly litle..
Both can't be true. But your state of mind is so affected with life it's self, that you start to doubt yourself..
Births, deths, success and faliers, everything claims a part of you..
In one of those moments, I felt that the force to take my self up again, lays within me. And the wings project came to life..
I chose to use copper since this material it's so expressive and beautiful, that even on its lowest point of it's existence... when its rusting gets an amazing green color.. the patina
The wood frame was ment to be the subtle partner, which carry on the work..
The wings brings hope and unlocks the power, energy and the force that lays in everyone of us!
Depending on the light, the wings looks different..
Sometimes robust and powerful as the wings of an airplane, and sometimes gentle and protective as the wings of an Angel..



Phoenix's Wings

Arthur Palaghia



Size: 57.1 W x 22.8 H x 2.3 in

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