Daniel Maczynski

Daniel Maczynski

Smardzewice, lodzkie, Poland

About Daniel Maczynski

Daniel Maczynski born 1976. He is inspired by nature, literature, music, history, but also political processes and social processes taking place in the modern world. In the creative process, he is focused on an in-depth study of causes and effects, focused on the detail, often using metaphors and references, which directly translates into the detail of the work being created. Creates works from the borderline of abstraction, cubism and surrealism, still seeking synthesis through analysis and inversely.
The creative process often begins with the creation of a concept (collage) created under the influence of a seemingly non-painting theme. Designing for the creator is understanding the references / relationships between the individual components, and then arranging them in sequence, so that their mutual relations increase creativity, and as a result creates synergy and multiplied effect. He works on physical data, clippings, and sketches, which allows him to move freely - creating chaos in the creative process. In the next step, it eliminates unnecessary elements and finally painting . By formatting dynamic relations / combinations and using materials in paper form, Daniel Maczynski has the ability to move individual components to a higher order of existence. Relationships are abstractions, ideas that have a real impact on his work.
He rejects the use of digital data and graphics programs, treating them as limiting and blocking the creative process, reaching for his intuition, knowledge and experience.


Academy Jan Dlugosz Czestochowa , Art institute , specialisation - drawning----


1997-1999 Post-exhibition of the Academy Jan Długosz in Częstochowa
2000-2008 regular thematic exhibitions in leading art galleries in Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, and Lublin
2010-2013 Exhibition before auction in Desa Unicum Warsaw (the largest and most recognized Polish auction house), record 18th of the Young Art Auction for the painting "Bełkot Korporacyjny/ Corporate gibberish "
2013 - Van der Berg Gallery exhibition under the patronage of the Ambassador of the Duchy of Luxemburg at the Soho Factory pavilions.
2014- inclusion in the program Invest in Art (Edition IV) in Saatchi Art.
2015-Sarrow Gallery Pforzheim (Germany), collective exhibition "FACES"
2016- finalist 10th Arte PRIZE Laguna Venice, Italy under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Art of Italy, with the painting "The Horesman of Apocolypse"
2016- Contemporary Art Gallery Foksal Warsaw, theme exhibition KREW WERK
2017- ART Gallery Relaks Warsaw, collective exhibition