Aga Pietrzykowska

Aga Pietrzykowska

Warsaw, Poland

About Aga Pietrzykowska

Aga Pietrzykowska Multimedia artist, painter, illustrator, graphic and jewellery designer.

In 2016: Art Fair in Madrit (Just Mad), Solo shows 2016 : Sztuka Wyboru Gdańsk (Garnizon Kultury) and Warsaw (Pragaleria). 2015 group shows in ZPAP Warsaw (Artist Assosiation). 2014 due to support of Polish Ambassy in Portugal, exibition in Lisbon.
2013 Pietrzykowska represented Poland at the Fourth International Art Fair - "Art Vilnius'13" in Vilnius - beside Edward Dwurnik, Ryszard Grzyb, Marcin Kowalik, Raphael Pieśliak and Maria Antoniak.
Aga Pietrzykowska pretended for the title of The Award best foreign artist – Art. Vilniu’13.

Pietrzykowska unite abstraction and figurative painting in her studium of human body.
Her painings are built by strongly stylizeid figures and colours. She is focused on social and psychological problems and obsessions: consummate beauty, tendency toward perfect body line, (un)happiness, complexes. Pietrzykowska explores new form of human body. She presents it through current cultural and social norms.

Harmony is very important aspect in her works -composing canvas by proper lines, colours, proportions and elements of geometrical figures. Pietrzykowska is inspired by Polish art classics: Stażewski, Gronowski, Gwozdecki, Tarasin.

In July 2012 Pietrzykowska had a show presenting her paintings in the(-1) Gallery (gallery of Polish Olimipc Comittee). Curator: Kama Zbolarska.
Her works has been shown at several group and individual exibitions with works of excellent Polish artists such as: Jan Tarasin, Tadeusz Dominik, Radosław Szaybo, Waldemar Świeży, Jan Sawka or Krzysztof Penderecki.
She design unique jewellery – for example sport jewellery for EURO 2012. As a first one she designed a lunar jewellery – for astronauts, dreamers or „cosmic girls’. She showed her works In Museum of Sport and Tourism In Warsaw, Museum of Sport In Ukraine, Poster Museum In Warsaw, SATYRYKON in Legnica, Stary Browar in Poznan and on many specialist shows.

More than 150 works are in private collections in Poland and abroad. She founded an art group “Four Lines”. Former Art Director in Fort Sokolnicki Art Centre. Orginse Art Projects and exibitions.


Graduated with honours from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Illustration// Graphic Design)
Graduate Studies (Art Pedagogy)
Warsaw University (Intercultural Relations).
Higher School of Tourism (BA)
Scholarship of MniSW.