Angela Hechtfisch

Angela Hechtfisch

Berlin, Germany

About Angela Hechtfisch

"Johannes, where would you go if you were me,
you are so widely traveled?"
"I think nothing of recommendations,
because things don't stay
as we leave them.
As refreshing as a place may seem at first,
as alarmingly cold it comes across the second time.
What use is it to you,
if I tell you of this cold,
you, however, reach this location in the summer?
How will you, in your summer dress, understand
what the winter once meant to me?
Like I said, I can not recommend anything,
because every time has its own place."
"Didn't Hermine say to the coyote:
Your life doesn't become shallow and dumb,
because you know that your fight will be futile.
It would be shallower if you fought for something good and ideal,
and now thought you have to achieve it?
Johannes, when I use the stars for guidance,
even I know that I will never reach them,
but in their unattainability they will remain my goal..."


Lette-Verein Berlin