Angelika Toth

Angelika Toth


About Angelika Toth

lives and works in Budapest.


2000-2004 Miskolc University, Faculty of Arts
2004 -2009 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts - Painting faculty
2008 Milano - Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Pittura)– Erasmus scholarship

2007 Erasmus scholarship- 2008 Milano - Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera
2009 Corvinus prize
2011, 2013 Derkovits art scholarship
2012 Artist-exchange program, Strasbourg (CEAAC), France
2018 Hungary Emerging (USA)
2019 The scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Art
2019 Award for Excellence by Hungarian Minister of Defence

2010 Hungarian Society of Watercolourist


Solo Exhibitions:
2007 Metropolis - Galerie haseundmoos, Nürnberg (G)
2008 Artitude Gallery, Budapest (H)
2009 Galerie in Bewegung, Landshut (G)
2009 Commerzbank Gallery (with Judit Rabóczky), Budapest (H)
2010 Beijing 798 Art Zone – Hungarian Art in China, Beijing (CH)
2012 Tragor Ignác Museum - Greek Temple Exhibition Hall, Vác (H)
2013 National Dance Theatre Gallery, Budapest (H)
2013 Red and Black (with József Gaál) – Look Gallery, Budapest (H)
2013 Commerzbank Gallery (with Előd Orbán), Budapest (H)
2014 Temptation – lookgallerybudapest, Budapest (H)
2015 Saylin Studio, Long beack, CA (USA)
2015 Hungarian Cultural Alliance, Los Angeles, CA (USA)
2015 Urban Jungle (with Klaus Schiffermüller), Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery, Regensburg (G)
2015-2016 Játékszín Gallery (Pepper Art Projects), Budapest
2017 Modern Árkádia - Eötvös 10, Budapest
2017-2018 Urban Jungle (with Antonio Massarutto), Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery, Regensburg(G)

2018 Toccata – lookgallerybudapest, Budapest

2019-2020 Urban Jungle 3.0 (with Antonio Massarutto), Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery, Regensburg(G)

Exhibitions with other artists (selection):
2004 22st National and International Biennial Exhibition of Graphic Art, Miskolc 2006,

2008 BUDAPEST ART EXPO FRESH International Biennial of Young Visual Artists, ArtMill, Szentendre (H)
2007 “Noah’s Ark” Academy of Fine Arts, Nürnberg (D)
2007 Junge Kunst aus Ungarn, Landshut (D)
2007 London ING: Formula-1 FRESH EYES- exhibition and auction (by Christie’s), London (UK)
2008 „ New Renaissance” Art Treasury – Vaszary Galleria, Kaposvár (H)
2008 ARTPOOL – Metro biennale, Budapest (H)
2008 Budapest, Hungarian Day of Painting – Kopaszi gát, Budapest (H)
2009 Best of Diploma, (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts), Budapest (H)
2009 Godot Galéria – Godot ’s Face, Budapest (H)
2009 Duna Television – Hungarian Day of Painting, Budapest (H)
2009 Pure Painting – Regensburg (G)
2010 Kogart – Fresh, Budapest (H)
2010 Tribute to the Dalai Lama, Budapest Gallery (H)
2010 G13 Art Gallery - Harvest: First generation of the Amadeus Art Studio, Budapest (H)
2011 Harvest – Klosterneuburg „Sala terrena” Gallery (A)
2011 Paper Panorama – Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest (H)
2011 „Where I Feel Home... Nature, City, Interieur”- Exhibition hall of the Hungarian Embassy, Berlin (G)
2011 Symbol Art Gallery F-lux, 12+1 artists, Budapest (H)
2011 ARTplacc –cARTc – Compass and passport, Tihany (H)
2011 Gentlewoman, Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery, Regensburg (G)
2012 Tradition reconsidered – The Derkovits Scholarship holders’ 2012 assessment exhibition in Ernst Museum, Budapest (H)
2013 F.F. 2013 - Klebelsberg Culture Mansion, Budapest (H)
2013 DERKOVITS NOW – Kunsthalle, Budapest (H)
2013 XXXVIII. Summer Exhibition – Reök Palace, Szeged (H)
2013 Lonely Landscape - Landscape painting from natural to urban landscapes, Déri Museum, Debrecen (H)
2013 Sommerfrische – Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Regensburg (D)
2013 Artézi Gallery, Budapest (H)
2014 Hungarian Day of Painting – Female Lane, Budapest (H)
2015 HERE AND NOW – Kunsthalle, Budapest (H)
2015 Hungarian Day of Painting – Female Lane, Bartók 29’ Budapest (H)
2016 Art Karlsruhe - Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery-, Karlsruhe (D)
2016 Hungarian Day of Painting, Esztergom (H)
2016 63th Vásárhely Autumn Art Exhibition, Hódmezővásárhely(H)
2016 Triennial of Drawing, Dornyay Béla Museum, Salgótarján(H)
2017 Charcoal Drawing- A Vértes Agórája, Tatabánya (H)
2017 64th Autumn Salon in Hódmezővásárhely, Hódmezővásárhely (H)
2017 Female Lane VI. – Zikkurat Gallery, Budapest (H)
2017 Art Toronto Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery - Toronto (CA)
2018 Hungary Emerging - New York Hungarian Consulate (USA)
2018 XVII. Biennal of Table Painting -REÖK, Szeged (H)
2018 64. Vásárhely Autumn Art Exhibition,(H)
2018 Lincoln Center, New York City (USA)
2019 Female Lane VIII. – Zikkurat Gallery, Budapest (H)
2019 Searching For T-Art - Saint Joseph House in Óbékásmegyer, Budapest (H)
2019 Triennial of Drawing, Dornyay Béla Museum, Salgótarján(H)