Carmen Tyrrell

Carmen Tyrrell

Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

About Carmen Tyrrell

Carmen Tyrrell art work is a celebration of the Human Body through expressive paintings and drawings. She is fascinated by Its beauty, complexity and sophistication as structure and through movement. Every day life, society with people features and interaction are a rich source of inspiration and interpretation.
Her artworks are organised by subjects as: "Female Nude", sensual and sensitive figures,"Male Nude", harmonious and expressive frames,"Lovers" is an emotional collection of couples in love connected through powerful feelings of love and passion and "Portrait" collection is a series of faces, features and emotions.
She is equally passionate about painting as about drawing. Generally she alternates the subjects and media and creates a series at the time. This way she keeps the spontaneity and freshness. The style of work is energetic and spontaneous. It could be more or less detailed, depends of media and how she feels about the subject.
The paintings are usually bold, colourful and textural with vibrant and tonal combinations using mainly the palette knife or wide brushes. When working at a series of 2-3 paintings, she likes to work simultaneously and use acrylics which dry fast and allow application of several layers.
Working with charcoal and pastels she feels free to play with lines, shapes and tonalities creating powerful and expressive drawings.
Her art reflects a calming atmosphere and carry the message of artistic beauty, harmony and happiness.
Born and educated in Bucharest - Romania, living and working in England. Past and present participation in solo and group exhibitions in Bucharest and U.K.
Her works are collectible, highly regarded and can be found worldwide in private collections. Usually, her art collectors have a good number of her works in their private collections.
To the art collectors: “Having a deep appreciation for the work, learning more about the artist, and creating a meaningful connection with the piece can bring a calming feeling every time you walk by the work,”(Monty Preston, Saatchi Art online art retailer's assistant curator).


Bucharest Academy of Fine Art.
Bucharest School of Fine Art.
Private tuition in well established Romanian artist studios.


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1999-present, solo and groups exhibition in NW England:
- Liverpool Art Fair 2019 - 14th June - 1st September - group
- Wensley Gallery - Carmen Tyrrell - Life Drawings - Solo exhibition 2008 - Bury
- Drawing the Figure 2 - Carmen Tyrrell - Solo exhibition 2005- Rochdale
- Drawing The Figure 1- Carmen Tyrrell -Solo exhibition 2004 - Rochdale
- A Place In The Sun - open exhibition - 23rd August- 7th September 2003 - Rochdale
- Blackburn Textile Museum - Artists Exhibition - 2003 -group
- Manchester Open Art Exhibition- 2000- group
- Triptych Carmen Tyrrell, Ian Lord and Ray Willson - group exhibition -Haslingden Public Library- 1999
-The Haworth Annual Open Art Exhibition 1999