Ron Cavedaschi

Ron Cavedaschi

Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

About Ron Cavedaschi

(The pic above was taken a long long time ago!)

Well it was inevitable that I would start painting. But big paintings in oils eventually brought me to my knees. I had developed an astonishing reaction to turps, white spirit, underseal, varnishes and so on and STOP! I had to. It took a few years before I could feel the urge rising, but I had to use acrylic paints and I didn't like that. But, I feel now that I wouldn't go back to oils even if I could. I love working fast and acrylics allow that. Layers can be laid after a quick blast with the hairdryer. So here I am now producing the work you see here. Not as wild as I used to be, but I believe that now I can be free of my consciousness without the internal questioning. It is what it is and that's all there is to it. Freedom!


No relevant education - thankfully!


New website: See pictures of my studio and some paintings hanging in furnished rooms.
I have not been keeping it updated but will try to do better!


Exhibitions: None of any real purpose. However since joining Saatchi Art there has been interest in my work and recently I have sold paintings through them, to collectors in New York, California, Switzerland and the UK.