Chaucer Silverson

Chaucer Silverson

Bozeman, MT, United States

About Chaucer Silverson

Chaucer Silverson lives in Bozeman, Montana. U.S.A. and paints with oil on linen, acrylic on canvas, paper and panel, and watercolor on paper, board, and panel.

"I work on abstract compositions with references to gesture, movement, and insight and with landscapes from travel sketches. Most of my work, even landscapes, presents a level of reduced subject matter with abstract pieces representing internal landscapes of resonance and emotion and works featuring landscapes, travel sketches, and recognizable locations reduced to the essence of a composition. I'm striving to provide the viewer with an internal landscape or a self-perspective unique to each person.

My intention is to present my worldview, a response to a mixed world of beauty, chaos, meaning, right and wrong. I want everyone to begin their response to my work from the same point of reference. I consider my audience everyone, regardless of where they were born, if they went to school, what their political, social, or spiritual views are. I'm speaking to everyone. Each of my paintings has a different reality for all viewers minds, without my direction to think about a certain topic or scene in a specific way."


University of Oregon Eugene, OR. 1990.
Masters Degree in Art Education, Cultural Services, Arts Management.

Montana State University Bozeman, MT. 1988.
Bachelors of Fine Arts, Ceramics.


2012 Affordable Art Fair Seattle
2010 Kickstarter Campaign


2013 See Me
2012 Art Takes Miami
2012 McPhie
2012 Hill Botanical
2011 Artists Wanted
2011 Mount Currie
2011 Hill Botanical
2010 Cottonwood Club