Nathalie Detsch Southworth

Nathalie Detsch Southworth

Birmenstorf, Aargau, Switzerland

About Nathalie Detsch Southworth

born in Zurich in 1971,
mother of two wonderful children, married to J. Southworth

"Nathalie lives in a world of forms and colors; she has always done so! She cultivates her individual perceptions of the world by searching for simple aesthetic beauty. This is reflected within the layers of mysticism within her paintings. The silent secret of her perception of the world is waiting to be discovered.

Nathalie's inspiration comes in many forms - travel and the encounter with other cultures, her fascination with the ancient world, museums, galleries and also through the world of fantasy as seen through the eyes of children (a simple and imaginative directness).

Her secret is how she interprets forms and finds a place for them in her art; they appear and change through time. This mutation transforms them into an integral part of the story-telling within her paintings. The forms connect the cultural heritage that lies at the heart of Nathalie's inspiration and the journey of transformation to something contemporary. The chosen colors add layer upon layer to the dimensions within the paintings and they connect the elements within her virtual world. Nathalie also has a big love for calligraphy; the signs she draws are arranged in a rhythmical manner and remind you of arabic calligraphy and the old tradition of chinese ink paintings.

Much is left to the beholder, the interpretations of the chosen mythical forms, colors and dimensions of the paintings can leave the beholder in a state of uncertainty. Their eyes take them on a journey back to the origins of human culture. Could it be that the artist is reminding us of something which most of us are about to loose in our busy world: the ability to listen to ourselves and therefore maintain a closer bond with our origin?"

Adapted translation: Ernst Bannwart, Galerie Claudine Hohl, 2010

My latest work meets interior design - actual exhibition within modern design store:


Matura Typus B
2 semesters of Cultural Anthropology at University of Zurich
Art foundation course
Hospitanz Fine Art class FSG, Olten, CH

since 1999 painting in my own studio


2021 Gemeindehaus Birmenstorf, CH
2019 Ortsmuseum Meilen, CH
2018 "Schickimicki exklusive", Mythenschloss Zürich, CH
2018 Zähnteschüür, Oberrohrdorf, CH
2017 Spectrum Miami, USA
2017 ARTIFACT gallery, New York, USA (solo show)
2015 Open studio days, Birmenstorf, CH
2014 Rotterdam International Art Fair, NL
2013 Wohnbedarf Talamona, Fislisbach, CH (solo show)
2013 International group exhibition, "Nothing is big or small for the Universe", curated by Stefania Carrozzini, Città di Castello, IT
2013 Galerie Anixis, Baden, CH (anniversary group show)
2012 Galerie Anixis, Baden, CH (group show)
2010 Galerie Claudine Hohl, Zurich, CH (group show)
2009 Gemeindehaus Birmenstorf, Birmenstorf, CH (solo show)
2008 Galerie Claudine Hohl, Zurich (group show)
2006 Galerie Cäcilia Wameling, Untersiggenthal (group show)
2006 Max Ernst Gesellschaft, Brühl bei Bonn, DE (group show)
2006 Galerie Claudine Hohl, Zurich, CH (group show)
2005 Regionales Alterszentrum, Fislisbach, CH (solo show)
2004 Galerie V.I.P. Interiors, Barbizon, F (group show)
2004 Galerie Kunstforum Seligenstadt, DE (solo show)
2004 "Lichtfeld 4", Basel, CH (group show)