Donna Bernstein

Donna Bernstein

Scottsdale, AZ, United States

About Donna Bernstein

The Contemporary Horse - Modern Equine Art
Urban Equestrian Paintings and Sculpture

The energy, sensuality, elegance of horses are the focus of my work;
Large-scale and commissioned equine contemporary equestrian paintings.

My name is abstract expressionist and Is also paint purple abstract landscape pieces, exploring both the created lines and organic natural world.

Creating my art is a bit of a bareback ride; I blend mediums in new and regenerative ways that evoke movement, energy and life. What gives my work its edge is a deep personal familiarity with the physical horse... and an expansive sense that the movement is bigger than what you see.
"It is not horses that I paint; I paint how they make me feel."
There is more to a horse than just a "picture" of him; there is a mythology, a symbolism; an ancient connection we can trace. My process is infused with this mythology and a sense of the uplifting.
I move about large canvases on the floor and athletically create between them. I have watched and studied the horse forever, and with a focused attention to correctness in his attitude I intuitively work in quick, concentrated action, much as he moves, in freshly layered spontaneity. I use spray, pigment, airbrush, and throw or splash my water, acrylics or inks. This physical connection on my part amplifies a fresh dynamic and energy.
In my art the purely gestural, minimal, and abstract, are combined. I am convinced that less not only is more, but that it inherently says more. "It isn't the amount of paint in your art; it's the amount of art in your paint."
No matter how our culture moves beyond the speed of the horse, I believe the true horsepower lies in his infinite ability to inspire. His attitude and sublime power to communicate and to heal, through form and movement, is the fuel that feeds my passion.
As my art continues to mature I explore the persistent complexities of power and vulnerability, as revealed through an ancient and endearing animal. In this, the evocative horse is a most willing and pleasing co-creator.

c. 2013 Donna B Fine Art


The Artist Donna B
Donna’s artistic journey into the marvel
of medium and materials is constant and evolutionary.
Often she uses no brushes or tools to
create her inked horses. Her subliminal
control of proprietary mixtures of acrylics
and water-based inks and pigments, both
dripped and directed, emanates from a
purely intuitive space. A personal artistic
blend and signature clean, fresh style creates art that is modern in structure yet
deeply intimate. Her most recent endeavors have expanded into performance of
her art, into "Live Painting", during which she creates original works at events
and fundraisers using her uniquely evolved process.
An artist by nature, she has drawn, sketched and painted since a child. In McCall, ID, surrounded by beauty, nature, wilderness and horses, she reconnected
to her art and began marketing to numerous shows and galleries
throughout the country. She perfected her sculpting technique at the Boise Art Museum. A number of these pieces have been placed in permanent collections.
Her collectors say it best: "Your art inspires thought." "Your art draws me in for a
much deeper experience; every time I look I see more." "Your art has it all -
motion and emotion." "Your art is full of vitality, energy; on the inside moving out."

Donna's works are shown throughout the country and collected around the world.
Whether a private home, corporate or hospitality installation, her paintings
complement their surroundings as well as carry an emotional atmosphere always
in keeping with her client's aesthetic.

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Donna B


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