Roxanna Dourthe

Roxanna Dourthe

Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic

About Roxanna Dourthe

To express myself I use various materials and techniques: from paper to clay from printing to painting to pottery.
My work is closely related to music where rhythm and melody give order and harmony (or chaos and dissonance), where you also see a continuous conversion (metamorphosis) from arbitrariness to composition.


Engineering career and one year in the school of architecture. National School of Belle Arts.
Design in the studio of the architect Saturnino Cisneros.


Awards and distinctions
-Artist Residency. Program of the artist in residency by Coronado PrintStudio. New York, USA
-1° Award Grupo PROYECTA. Best tile made by a Dominican artist. 5° WORLD’S ELIT-TILE TRIENNIAL 2014
-3° Award. Best piece by the jury. Ceramic Art Exhibition. ENAV 2014