Eleni Pappa Tsantilis

Eleni Pappa Tsantilis

Brignoles, Provence, France

About Eleni Pappa Tsantilis

I am a visual artist born in Greece. The last 30 years I have lived between Switzerland and France where I actually live and work.

Each material, canvas, wood, or paper is for me a field where I stroll around and apply my sensations, my feelings, my memories.
Energy, dynamic and colors unifies all my works.
I use variety of materials, conventional artistic or not, refusing to be limited to one medium. In several works I incorporate natural pigments and organic elements as paper, textile, sand, sawdust, apparently not belonging to the pictorial world, to break down the barriers between art and daily life.
To apply the colours I use brushes, knives, handmade squeegees, sponges, or my hands. After applying the paint, I drag and scrape up layers of wet or dry paint leaving marks. That gives a nice “used” effect and creates the story of the work.
Material, colour and composition, a perpetual challenge to create something new.

My works are in private collections all over the world.

I have exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions.


THE ARTBOX PROJECT BASEL 1.0, June 2021, BASEL, Switzerland
CONCEPT STORE GALLERY, (group exposition)
10 -23 April 2021, LA BAULE, FRANCE
THE ArtBox Project Zurich 2.0, 20-24 August 2020, ZURICH,Switzerland
The ArtBox Project New York 1.0 5-16 March 2018, NY, USA
International Art Fair Zurich, September 2017 Zurich, Switzerland
The ArtBox Project, 14-18 June 2017, Euroairport Basel, Switzerland
International Art Fair Zurich, October 2016 Zurich, Switzerland
November 2015, St'art Strasbourg, Internatonal Contemporary Art Exhibition, Strasbourg, France

February 2015, International Contemporary Art Exposition, Insbruck-Austria

July 2014(SOLO), Munster,France

Mai 2014 Zurich, Switzerland


CONCEPT STORE GALLERY, (group exposition)
29/6 -14/7 2021, PARIS, FRANCE

CONCEPT STORE GALLERY, (group exposition)
25/8-06/09 2021, PARIS, FRANCE
SM’ART AIX, September 2021, Aix en Provence, France