Enil Enchev

Enil Enchev

Sofia, Europe, Bulgaria

About Enil Enchev

Enil Enchev is an architect, musician and visual artist. He was born in Plovdiv on April 2, 1961. As a boy he was an apprentice to his grandfather Iliya Marinov, a painter and teacher. He studied painting under the painters Ivan Popovski a.k.a. Giovanni and Boris Dochev. In 1987, he graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia. During his university years he co-founded the rock band Atlas; he wrote most of the band's songs until 1988. He has been working as an architect since 1987. In the early 90s, he created the brand Enil and Teya Design together with arch. Teya Troshanova, and for a few years he worked in silk painting. In 1992, he shot the first documentary about the Bulgarian underground: New Generation and Friends - Live. Since the mid-90s he has been actively engaged with graphic design. He has done professional photography for www.teyadesign.com and for Bulgarian magazines. Enil is also one of the pioneers of 3D modeling and planning in Bulgaria. Between 1999 and 2005 he worked as a 3D artist for the gaming industry, and he has won several prestigious international awards in the field. In 2001, he redesigned the space of the Senza furniture showroom for the Bulgarian premiere of Kenzo Perfumes. In 2005, he created the space and multimedia design for Forem Consulting's anniversary, which was held on the main floor of the Sofia Art Gallery. He began experimenting with acrylic on canvas in 2008. In late 2010, he started a series of paintings titled 16:9, which is inspired by films, places and memories. Every painting limits the artist's possibilities with its format. I chose the aspect ratio of 16:9 because I love cinema just as I love photography and the feeling of the places I've been to... and painting is feeling captured in material...in December 2015 Enili co-founded the [a] cube contemporary gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria...


M.Arch. 1987 www.uacg.bg


10.2011 gallery "VedArt" Sofia - solo exhibition
12.2011 Wonderbar Sofia - solo exhibition
01.2012 BUP 2012 - group exhibition "Salon 2011"
01.2012 gallery "Resonance" Plovdiv group exhibition "Feeling ..."
02.2012 gallery "Resonance" Plovdiv group exhibition "Chinarite"
04.2012 gallery "|George Papazov" Plovdiv solo exhibition
06.2012 Coffee Gallery "general gives chocolate" solo exhibition
09.2012 Gallery "Seasons" Sofia joint exhibition - "The Fifth Element"
03.2013 gallery "Resonance" Plovdiv group exhibition - "The New 100"
04.2013 gallery "Artamontzev" Sofia "PastelNO" solo exhibition
10.2013 gallery "Seasons" Sofia BG "RECONSTRUCTION OF MEMORIES" Solo exhibition
12.2013 gallery "Lessedra" "15x15" Group exhibition and jury member.
07.2014 gallery "Nessy" Bourgass BG "7 Etudes on Turner" Solo exhibition
08.2014 Bourgass city ​​Gallery "The Friends of the Sea" group exhibition - Biennial
10.2014 Sofia ArtBox Gallery "Hidden houses"
12.2014 Sofia Lessedra Gallery Jury member 5 th PAINTING & MIXED MEDIA COMPETITION 2014-2015
04.2015 Sofia Algara Gallery "[egg#7] solo exhibition
12.2015 Sofia [a]cube contemporary "vir2all" solo exhibition