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Erik Berglin


About Erik Berglin

1980 Sundsvall, Sweden.
Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This concept emerged at a time when I was insecure about the potencial of photography. I felt that I had to deal with my role or give up taking pictures. My possition behind the lens had become too safe, it did not put anything at risk and without risking anything how could I claim attention, exhibition space, public space or whatever. I strongly felt that I had to risk something or maybe everything. Somehow I had to get more involved with the picture.

The result became documentations of performances, 10 seconds long (or should it be 10 seconds short). I have tryed to differentiate these from the esthetics of the 60 and 70`s performance art that I like so much. Wich aimed at emphasizing that the picture merly was the documentation of a staged event. I want to make both events equally important, with carefully planed composition, colours, light and digital retusch. I find it productive and interesting working with a contradictive method, with and against a strict set of rules, letting chance have an important impact on the final result.


b 1980 in Sundsvall, Sweden.
Lives and works in Gothenburg.

2008 2010 MFA, University of Photography, Gothenburg
2005 2008 BFA, University of Photography, Gothenburg
2004 2005 Critical Media, School of the Red Cross, Stockholm
2002 2003 Photographic Project Year, Hola Folkhgskola, Prstmon

2009 New and old possibilities, Sundsvalls Museum, Sundsvall (solo)
2009 Kt A4, Galleri Box, Gothenburg
2009 Dedications, Paleis Oranjestraat, Alma Lv
2009 Vinklingar, Skvde Museum, Skvde
2009 Hands On, Three Gallery, New York
2008 New Nordic Photography, Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg
2008 A-Political Exhibiton, T.I.C.A, Tirana, Albania
2008 More or less already done, Rda Sten, Gothenburg
2008 Producing/Dissolving, Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm
2008 The Dancefloor 3 Years Later, Teater Drift, Gothenburg
2008 False Copies, Reklambyrn Hundra, Gothenburg
2007 Rethinking Dissent, Galleri Rotor, Gothenburg Biennale
2007 Spring Saloon, Liljevachls, Stockholm
2007 25 Yeas Anniversary, Konsthallen, Gothenburg
2007 The Hidden, Vsternorrlands Lnsmuseum, Hrnsand
2007 False Copies, Maqs Law Firm, Gothenburg
2007 So We Closed Our Eyes, Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg (solo)
2007 Spring Exhibition, University of Photography, Gothenburg
2006 Art After Work, Galleri Rostrum, Malm
2006 So We Closed Our Eyes, Galleri Blunk, Trondheim (solo)
2006 The Celebration, Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg
2006 Contrast "Gothenburg in pictures", Stadsmuseet, Gothenburg
2006 NEWS!, University of photography, Gothenburg
2005 Private/Public, University of photography, Gothenburg

2009 Gteborgsandan har ven goda sidor, Svenska Dagbladet, Fabian Kastner, aug
2009 Gteborg 3:2009, Ord & Bild
2008 Bilder,minnen, bildminnen, Gteborgs Posten, Karin Widegrd, july
2008 Fr mycket post, Lystring #2
2008 Blicken in i vrlden, Aftonbladet, Camilla Hammarstrm, july
2008 Foto som ppnar drrar fr tolkning, Bors Tidning, Rolf Haglund, aug
2007 Birds, Playground Sweden, Dokument Frlag
2007 Fr snll konst, Dagens Nyhter, Anna-Karin Sandstrm, oct
2007 New and old possibilities, Paletten, Sophie Allgrdh, sep
2007 Vantarnas Beskyddare, Gteborgs Posten, Erik Sidung, april
2007 Birds, PNS, Published by Oxford University
2007 Sprngkraft, Dagens Nyheter, Bo Madestrand, feb
2007 New and old possibilities, Motiv #10
2007 Birds, Street Art Sthlm, Frlaget Max Strm

Screenings / Performens
2009 Slideshow -The Googlegroup, Culture Club, Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg
2009 Visuals, Djungeltrumman releaseparty, Oasen, Stockholm
2009 Visuals, Djungeltrumman releaseparty, Teaterfoajen, Gothenburg
2009 Visuals, Djungeltrumman releaseparty, Debaser, Malm
2008 Vj/Dj-set, Betting On Shorts Filmfestival, Teater Scenario, Stockholm
2008 Zofia, performance and workshop with Ernesto Pujol, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 Vj/Dj-set, V E R N I S A G E , Styrbord Barbord, Gothenburg
2008 Artist Talk, Pecha Kucha # 9, Neferti, Gothenburg
2008 Visualls for THE FRA-PARTY at Babel, Malm
2008 Visualls for THE FRA-PARTY at Berns 2:13, Stockholm
2008 Visualls for THE FRA-PARTY at Park Lane, Gothenburg
2008 Vj/Dj-set, Freaks, Inkonst, Malm
2007 Resident Vj at V E R N I S A G E , Uppt Framt, Gothenburg
2007 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3 Part Two, Monitor, Gothenburg
2005 You Have To Be Very Strong, Fryshuset, Stockholm
2005 You Have To Be Very Strong, Rda Korset, Malm
2005 The Raising, Kulturnatta, Artisten, Gothenburg

Collections / Represented
Gothenburg Museum
Sundsvalls Museum
Private Collections
Hasselblad Center
Volvo Collection
Iaspis Archive

Permanent Installations
Sundsvall Student Union House

2009 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation
2009 Otto och Charlotte Mannheimers Foundation
2008 Grafstrm - Sandqvistska Foundation
2007 Adlerbertska Foundation
2006 Sundsvalls Art Grant
2006 Otto och Charlotte Mannheimers Foundation



Future Solo Shows: Various Interventions, Gallery Format, Malmö, SWE 16 april - 27 may.
Everything Is Borrowed, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, SWE 7 may - 7 aug