Julia Go

Julia Go

, Ukraine

About Julia Go

graphic artist
favorite materials-colored cardboard, oil pastel, acrylic, watercolor, bonding.
favorite topics: people, parts of the body, space, landscapes
favorite activities - sit on the beach on a square stone and drinking white wine
write poetry


Many people think that the mission of art seems to be to entertain us in the expectation
but in actual fact, the ability of the subversive text, sights and happenings is elusive feeling,
that's it,
and we waited - and for this we have to queue queue.
Having bright people I can say that.
Secret bright I - is that it appears in the statement.
The speaker often does not know what he says.
But speaking-he certainly catches the information wave.
Only so speaketh the truth, the only way the light spreads ideas.
Loneliness in the crowd becomes a blessing and a necessary condition for the force.
Bright, crystal personality overcomes time and space. Personality, is valuable in itself.