Hans Peter Trauschke

Hans Peter Trauschke

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Hans Peter Trauschke

I am working in theatres and arts since 1984. During my work on stage I was always looking for a simple way to tell the stories and show mankind as it could be at its best; beautiful, humorous, surprising and magical.
The theatre itself become over the years to small and insular, so in the 90th I started to do theatrical sculptures in the public and told my stories with transforming sculptures such as my wall project that became a bridge. It showed the simple cognition that walls are necessary to define ourselves as an individual and as a society. We should not turn down walls and make the same out of different people. We accept the difference and build bridges to a new third idea.

My upcoming artwork is "Seven from Heaven" for Downtown Los Angeles in 2016. The "Seven from Heaven" are 120ft tall arial sculptures that will levitate for 2 weeks above the skyscrapers.

I’m working with all kind of materials that allows my sculptures to transform or to move, like the kinetic sculptures “Dancing Gods”.

I have created EXit production to archive my past body of work and launch my future productions.



I attended Studiotheatre in Munich to study acting, directing and set-design.


Art productions:

WÆNDE - Prager Straße Dresden
Undergroundgames - Wettersteinplatz München
Watermusic - Praterinsel München
Artcube, Berlin-Dresden-Potsdam-Lille-Stuttgart
Ardeo, Sparkasse Erding
Basic Colors - Berlin, Stuttgart, Potsdam, Lille
Utopia mbH - Potsdam-Imperia
Three Wings - Wiesloch
Mickey Mouse in Iraq - Los Angeles
Fire and Water - Potsdam, Venedig
Angels - Los Angeles
Venice Project - Potsdam
I´m not here - Potsdam
Nach Daten - Berlin with Paul Heimbach
Rheia - Los Angeles

Theatre productions:

Das Nebeneinander zweier Unsinne, by T. Bernhard
The chairs, by Eugène Ionesco
Baggers Opera, by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Nightplay, by Wolfgang Hildesheimer
Solo for Carlos and Sigmund, by Marco A. de la Parra Käthchen von Heilbronn, by Heinrich von Kleist
Poesie der Sprachen, by Charles Baudelaire
Ihr Brief zur Hochzeit, by Botho Strauß
Kikerikiste, by Paul Maar
Büchner goes Blues, by Gerhard Zwerenz
I, Feuerbach, by Tankred Dorst
The little Prince, by Antoine de Saint - Exupéry
Voices, by Sam Shepard
Die Zofen, by Jean Genet
Amaretto, by Uli Breé
Geschlossene Gesellschaft, by Jean Paul Sartre
Der Kammersänger, by Frank Wedekind
Amphitryon, by Peter Hacks
Kafkas Monkey, by Franz Kafka
Danton lives!, by Georg Büchner
Ei ! Zelle - Die wahre Geschichte des Michael Praunhieber, by Georges Bataille
Die lange Nacht des Thomas Bernhard, nach Thomas Bernhard, Rahmenprogramm Berliner Festwochen
Symposion - internationales Göttertreffen zum Jahrtausendwechsel, von Ludo Vici, Praterinsel München
Ich, Georg Büchner, von Ludo Vici
Kaspartheater, von Ludo Vici
Kafkas Affe, von Franz Kafka
Die Spitzeder, von Martin Sperr


Wænde - 1997 Dresden
Artcube - 1998-2005 Berlin, Potdam, Dresden, Genua, Lille
Watermusic - 2000 Munich
Fire and Water - The Venice Project - 2001 Potsdam
3 Wings - 2001 Munich
Mickey Mouse in Iraq - 2005 Los Angeles
Rheia - Inflatable Sculpture 2005 Los Angels
Basic Colors - 2010 Berlin, Lille, Potsdam
Dancing Gods - Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara 2014