Julio Panisello

Julio Panisello

About Julio Panisello

My name is Julio Panisello. I'm an artist living and working in Los Angeles.

Art and Education are my passions. I concentrate on drawing and painting on various physical and digital supports using diverse media, but I also experiment with other artistic languages.

I got my academic training at the Fine Arts School in the University of Barcelona, where I graduated with a Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting, and a postgraduate degree in Pedagogy.

My life in California started working as a teacher in some of toughest schools in the nation working along some of the most talented educators in the country from whom I learned about the power of language and creativity to communicate ideas, a concept that has become the silver lining behind my art work.

I'm currently the lead artist and teacher at Art Works Studio and Classroom, a renowned art studio in Los Angeles where I vertebrate the art curriculum, teach it, and share my artistic vision along other talented artists.

I'm also the creator of the The Havisham Hour, a visual arts project and community spanning 521 days and hundreds of people based on Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations.

I hope you like this compilation of my work. Contact me at panisello@gmail.com to schedule a studio visit.