George Petrakes

George Petrakes

Manhattan, NY, United States

About George Petrakes

It has been said that George Petrakes thinks like a camera - very focused, but with an infinite depth of field. When asked why they collaborate with him, art directors usually reference his conceptual mind. As one recently put it, "George is a thinker, not just someone who executes a concept. He's involved at the core of the idea and that's what it takes to create memorable advertising." Another said, "He is the personification of the phrase 'his wheels are always turning;' it's how George lives his life." Yet another simply said, "He just makes me look good."

New York by way of Boston, The Museum School, and The Art Institute, George brings exceptional depth and breadth of experience to his work. He takes pride in fashioning innovative solutions to difficult, unforgiving challenges. In short, George's combination of irrepressible enthusiasm and technical mastery generate compelling imagery.

George's work for various clients, as well as some of his Art in his private collection, have been collected in two (12" x 24") tabletop books. Please contact him to arrange delivery.