Bodil Hedlund

Bodil Hedlund

Stockholm, Sweden

About Bodil Hedlund

Bodil Hedlund was born 1946 in Östersund, Sweden and now lives and works in Stockholm and 3 months in Cape Town. She has participated in a large number of exhibitions; not only in Sweden but also abroad (Europe, Chile, South Africa) - among them some 80 solo exhibitions. She is represented in private collections in Europe and South Africa, museums, The Swedish Royal Family collection and The South African Government.
The paintings of Bodil Hedlund give the impression to resurge from a long, inner journey, from distant bits of life, special to the artist herself, but at the same time shared by all of us. Her language seems to have been developed from an existential experience. With paint on canvas, layer upon layer and with several techniques she tells us about human experiences like loneliness, openness, longing and vulnerability. But also courage. Her palette is subtle, low key and restrained – often in a richly varied grey tone. Or from a review “This is art where “small” is still spelled ”beautiful” and where extreme simplicity could have monumental qualities and offer immense beauty”.


B.A. at University of Uppsala, Sweden
Univeristy College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. 7 terms of evening studies in painting
Visual Culture at University of Stockholm


Bodil Hedlund has taken part in a large number of exhibitions in Sweden and abroad; among them some 80 solo shows.

Solo exhibitions, a short selection:
Galleri Doktor Glas Stockholm 1991, 1995
Galleri Åkhlund Lund 1992
Galleri Na Solnym Wroclaw Poland 1992
Galleri Swedhamre Uppsala 1992, 1995
Galleri 33 Gothenburg 1995
Galleri Jeanette Ölund / Galleri Bacchus Borås 1990-2013
Galleri Olsson-Uddenberg Gothenburg 1998-2009
Art Copenhagen Galleri Bacchus 1999-2003
Galleri Nord Örebro 1998, 2004
Höganäs Museum 2003
Galleri Palm Falsterbo 2005
Edsvik Konsthall Stockholm / Sollentuna 2008, 2013
Galleri Söder Östersund 1976-2009
Galleri Linné Uppsala 2010
Galleri Cupido Stockholm 2011
Galleri Palm Ängavallen 2012
Lilla Galleriet Umeå 2012
Galleri Uddenberg Gothenburg 2012
Edsvik Konsthall 2013
Galleri Sjöhästen Nyköping 2014
Gallery Genesis Athens 2014
Galleri Bergman Karlstad 2015
Galleri Uddenberg Göteborg/Gothenburg 2016
Galleri Nord Örebro 2016
Galleri Jeanette Ölund Borås 2017
Vetlanda konstförening 2018
Galleri Cupido Stockholm 2018
Galleri 316 Kubik Hudiksvall 2019
Galleri Uddenberg Gothenberg 2019

Group Exhibitions, a short selection
Liljevalchs Vårsalong Stockholm 1984, 1985, 1986
6 Pintores de Suecia”, Konsthallen Las Condes, Santiago de Chile 1996
Nordic-Baltic Biennal in painting, Väsby Konsthall
Galleri Epoke, Veile, Denmark
Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town
Swedish Contemporary Painting, EDSVIK KONSTHALL Stockholm 2008
“ABSOLUT SVENSKT” Gallery Genesis, Athens Greece 2010
Art Anglais, Stockholm 2011
Art Museum of Gothenburg
State Art Commission Sweden
Swedish County councils and Local Authorities
The Swedish Royal Family, private collection
The South African Government

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